High Lakes College loans – Fortunately
Higher Lakes Student education loans – Everything Have no idea Will cost you Thousands

This article is of these using your own education loan fees method and have Higher Ponds since your student loan servicer. Our very own education loan believe masters have observed many people perhaps not with the payments safely designated on Great Ponds. Therefore, we have put together which walk-through so you’re able to generate sure your optimize your savings.

“I called Great Lakes again and they are supposed to be reapplying the payments, again. The last person I talked to said the person I spoke with last week registered that which you “right”, yet the costs remained maybe not applied truthfully.”

We hear this each day away from FitBUX Members…. so, what could be great about that have High Ponds once they disorder up payments?

Mortgage services make some mistakes. Yet not, considering the feel, High Lakes’ customer service is 1 of the best in the newest education loan community.

dos Key elements In making Prepayments

Let’s take a step back. When you are make prepayments to save money and pay off your student loans faster, there are dos critical indicators to make sure you are doing so in an optimal fashion:

Basic, how your own prepayments are assigned. The different student loan servicers sometimes get this wrong. If they do, it will cost you thousands of dollars over the life of your loans. Read this article for more information on how to pay off student loans.

Second, understanding how Great Lakes can be applied the brand new prepayment. Great Lakes does this differently than all the other loan servicers so knowing it is important.

Prepayment Allocation

You simply cannot like the way the expected payment is actually assigned across their other financing, we.age. you cannot use your own necessary monthly payment to your high-notice loan very first.

Outlined Analogy

I am going to show you exactly how High Ponds applies money playing with an example. As the an advance notice, you may need to reread that it once or twice because of new mathematics. You should take-out some paper and you will pull an occasion line….


– You have multiple loans all at different interest rates.
– Your total requisite monthly payment is actually $1,one hundred.
– Of the $1,100 monthly payment, $900 is applied to cure prominent while $200 will be used to pay interest. This $900 number is the one you want to remember.
– Great Lakes has a “billing cycle.” This billing cycle ends the day your required payment is due and starts over the next day. For this example, let’s assume that the new battery charging years closes the fresh 29 th of each times.
– You pay your required monthly payment on the 30 th of each month, with the vehicles-pay feature Great Lakes offers.
– Your second payment is actually February 29 th .
– You decide we want to make a good prepayment from $300 towards February twentieth and you want to apply it to your highest interest rate loan first, as this will save you the most money.

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