Usopp enjoys whenever Brook plays music, specifically Binks’ Sake

Because she’s going to with other crewmates, Nami often hug on to Brook whenever she is frightened (much to help you Brook’s pleasure). Nami trusts Brook as much as she trusts the rest of the lady staff. She along with possess hearing their music. She has also been satisfied which he been able to duplicate Big Mom’s Poneglyphs, hugging your and you may congratulating him having their achievement even in the event she banged your when he asked to see the girl knickers as the a reward. [25]

Nami can be quite rude and you may small-tempered with Brook occasionally, albeit the latest skeleton will brings their reasons why you should end up being upset during the him on account of his comic and perverted characteristics. This frequently results in Nami hitting him along the head.


Usopp is needless to say frightened regarding Brook as he first seemed toward the newest staff and you may tried to ward your regarding with an excellent crucifix, are contrary to the idea of Brook signing up for the staff despite studying he was simple. Usopp at the time stated “We would not be in a position to sleep which have a bones perambulating”. Simply shortly after reading on Brook’s connection with Laboon and you can then battle at the Thriller Bark, performed Usopp fundamentally faith the tunes skeleton, taking Brook given that a great crewmate.

Usopp, including the other countries in the crew (but Luffy), discovers Brook’s head laughs unpleasant, specially when they are amazing like Brook trying restore themselves having milk products, stating that calcium can not work that fast. After the date-forget about, Usopp acknowledge as jealous out of Brook’s the newest capability to stage compliment of structure, pointing out its perversion prospective. However, Usopp are furious that have Brook when Brook inadvertently produced a keen insensitive laugh throughout the Arlong during their earliest come across which have Hody Jones, once the Usopp understands the new emotional aches Arlong triggered Nami in the past, anything Brook are unaware of. [26]


Sanji try one of the primary members of new team in order to satisfy Brook. He had been shocked observe a walking and talking bones, and you may asked Brook about the guy was given birth to. Sanji would not appreciate this Brook searched so constantly hopeful, advising new skeleton that their lives is depressing, although skeleton laughed your regarding. Once Sanji discovers regarding Brook’s experience of Laboon, Sanji entered the rest of the crew in the help Luffy’s decision to help you hire your to the staff. Sanji still becomes annoyed on Brook’s teenage personality traits, in addition to their burping and farting throughout restaurants, and by his lame ‘skull jokes’. The guy also immediately after endangered to assault Brook in the event the second laughed from the resemblance ranging from Duval and you may Sanji’s first, hand-pulled desired poster. [27]

not, Sanji has a lot of similarities towards the united nations-dry artist. Both of them don suits and you will act like gentlemen and you may fawn more Nami and you can Robin, making them the new “pervert duo” of your Straw Limits. As they would endeavor more than Nami and you may Robin’s affection, brand new cook therefore the bones are perfect family and you will have been each other (plus Kin’emon) extremely jealous out-of Momonosuke’s “special attention” on female. Brook looks doing Sanji and you may was in wonder when the create struggled Doflamingo and happened to be willing to assistance him whenever Sanji was a student in trouble, however, Sanji as an alternative respected Brook to look after Momonosuke, Nami, and Helicopter. Brook is actually really disheartened over the consequence of incidents in Zou, and you can insisted for the signing up for Luffy in the Sanji Retrieval Class as the guy thought accountable for Sanji’s get. Such as for instance Robin, Brook is actually familiar with the fresh Vinsmokes rather than believe Sanji perform be connected so you can such as for instance a well known family members. And the anybody else, Brook showed great wonder you to definitely Sanji rejected Dessert.

Sanji seemingly have loads of rely upon Brook’s fuel when he immediately after trusted Nami’s coverage to the bones while he proceeded to explore Claw Town. Brook was also the sole crewmate Sanji questioned so you can praise your when he suffered with Pekoms and Capone have a glimpse at the hyperlink Bege.

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